About us


A family-run company, we have been present on the market since 2001. We are fully responsible for the quality of our services,

with official accounting authorization by the Minister of Finance (Certificate of Qualifications No. 946/1996) in the field of bookkeeping services. We work using advanced, up-to-date accounting software both for financial records and HR & payroll. In accordance with the applicable regulations, we are fully insured against civil liability related to services we provide. The scope of our services is always individually adjusted to the needs of each client. We provide comprehensive accounting and tax services, as well as HR and payroll services for a wide range of entities with a different business profile and legal form. Our clients vary from small one-person companies, small businesses, medium-sized commercial companies, as well as large enterprises and housing associations.



We have an experience with bookkeeping for an extensive array of sole proprietorships (architects, bloggers, copywriters, hairdressers, personal trainers, private chefs and many more), SMEs operating in a wide range of industries (construction, FMCG, IT, production, transportation to mention just a few).

For years, we have been keeping both income and expense books (P&L) and ledgers of companies operating in various industries. For years, we have been keeping revenue and expense ledgers (KPiR) as well as accounting books of companies operating in various industries. We have experience in providing accounting and tax services to SMEs, commercial and service companies as well as production companies operating on the domestic and foreign market. We regularly settle international documents in the field of import and export of goods and services, as well as international delegations and business trips. We also provide accounting services for housing associations and non-profit organizations.


Apart from essential bookkeeping, we also provide comprehensive HR and payroll services for our clients. We prepare and maintain documentation related to the employment and remuneration of employees (employment contracts, civil law contracts, personal records, payroll and settlements with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)).


We support companies comprehensively, adjusting the scope of services to the individual needs of the client. Additionally, we can assist in setting up a company, choosing the form of taxation and contacting the tax administration and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). We always try to solve our clients’ problems with current tax and HR issues, drawing from our many years of market experience.

Modern technologies


Our priority is security – all information is encrypted and protected against third party access. We use the finest, industry-recognized accounting and payroll software and make sure that the programs we use are always up-to-date and compliant with the latest regulations. Advanced backup system protects against data loss.



We offer full accounting, HR and payroll services, as well as support in setting up and running a business.
  • bookkeeping

  • keeping of accounts of housing communities

  • keeping tax books of income and expenses

  • keeping records of flat income tax revenues

  • accounting for the tax card

  • keeping records of VAT sales and purchases

  • keeping records of fixed assets and equipment

  • Preparation and delivery of tax returns to Tax Offices

  • settlements with the Social Insurance Institution

  • HR and payroll services (preparation of payroll, maintenance of personnel files)

  • Development of company account plans and preparation of financial statements

  • preparation of statistical reports

  • preparation of annual tax returns

We offer the possibility of coming to the customer to pick up the documents.
We set prices with each client individually, depending on the number of documents and the specifics of the business.



Kaczewska 22A/8
81-476 Gdynia

Opening hours

Monday – Friday | 08:00 – 16:00



Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to answer your questions and prepare an offer taking into account your individual needs.