Delivering sales invoices issued in self-selected software

Due to the number of invoicing programs available, we are unfortunately unable to help you configure systems other than Subiekt 123 and wFirma to work with KSeF.

The general principle of cooperation with KSeF is to generate a one-time token in the system, which, when entered into the invoicing program, allows the program to communicate directly with the KSeF system – sending issued sales invoices and downloading a confirmation of receipt of the invoice with the document number assigned by KSeF applied to it.

Instructions for generating a token

To learn more about the details of the configuration of cooperation of your chosen software with the KSeF system, please contact its manufacturer directly.

Since, in addition to our recommended Subiekt 123 software, we also have experience with the wFirma system, we can help you configure it – please contact us if you are interested.

Sending your sales invoices to the accountant

Our main source of information about your sales invoices will be the KSeF system, but since not all invoices will be required to be sent to this system (and also not all information, for example, GTU codes, will be sent to the system), please also provide all sales documents to us on the existing basis – in electronic or paper form. As of April 2025, electronic delivery of documents will only be possible through the Office Portal.

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4 December 2023|KSeF|