Delivery of sales invoices issued in wFirma – PF Consulting clients

We would like to emphasize that the use of the invoicing option in wFirma is completely voluntary – you can use any invoicing software, as long as after July 1, 2024 (for VAT taxpayers) or January 1, 2025 (for VAT-exempt taxpayers) the software will work with KSeF.

It is online software supported by a web browser – there is no need to install any programs on your computer, and the system runs on any operating system that supports modern web browsers.

What do you gain by choosing wFirma invoicing?

  1. No user fee – you do not have to remember to renew the license yourself,
  2. We can assist you in setting up and using the program,
  3. You will not have to generate and upload individual sales invoice files – they are visible in the accounting module on an ongoing basis,
  4. You are assured that as of January 2024 the software will be KSeF-compliant – this will allow you to configure and test the cooperation even before the effective date of the new regulations.

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5 December 2023|PF Consulting|